Planning A Las Vegas Wedding In 2022? Keep This In Mind

Las Vegas Wedding

Wedding planning can be stressful and it can turn into a nightmare with the news of the pandemic and the postponements. The past year has seen a lot of cancellations and alterations in wedding planning which has put a lot of stress on couples. Even if you are a very calm individual, planning a wedding could give you a lot of stress and anxiety. As a groom-to-be or a bride-to-be, trying to organize a wedding in 2022 can feel like a difficult task. There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding our lives and this can add to the confusion and pressure. You might be able to secure a date at the dream venue but getting your favorite photographer, and caterer could become difficult in the peak season. If you have decided to get married in 2022, here are some things you must be aware of.

What Will a 2022 Wedding Look Like?

2022 will be a busy year for the entire wedding industry with a lot of postponed weddings and the merging of new plans. Couples have started to feel anxious about the big day and this is why they have started to explore new avenues and are looking for non-traditional venues. 2022 will see a lot of weddings at non-traditional locations and the focus will be on being together and having a cracker of a party. We will see bold themes and colors in terms of decor.

Couples will still take caution with the headcount but we will also see some weddings get bigger as they double as friend reunions after a long time apart for a lot of us.

Is It the Right Time to Book a Wedding in 2022?

This is a mixed bag. A lot depends on where the wedding will be and how it looks like. If you are hoping for a summer weekend in Las Vegas in 2022, you may not find the availability at your favorite traditional wedding venue and even if you do, it will be hard to get one particular caterer or the photographer. But if you are ready to compromise and push the boundaries out of the norm, you can opt for a weekday or try to lower the headcount and fit into an unusual non-wedding venue. It will all come down to the must-haves and where you are willing to adjust the ideas or how badly you want to get married on the date chosen by you.

Which Is the Best Month and Are There Any Months to Avoid?

If you are flexible and can let go of the idea of a summer weekend, you will see a lot more availability and flexibility. 2022 will not see a traditionally quieter season for the industry but if you move away from the warmer months and are okay with the idea of a winter wedding, it will work in your favor and lead to less stress.

2022 will have a lot of intimate wedding packages as couples know that there will be restrictions and nobody wants to take a risk. We saw how valuable our time outdoors was and couples want to capture that. Plus, it is a lot more safer to have a small wedding where everyone can maintain social distancing and enjoy themselves. Couples will also start to look for open-air venues like gardens, fields, and farms.

Will There Be Weddings Abroad?

There will be uncertainty with travel throughout 2022 and we will see hesitancy to book anything very soon. Some of the top wedding destinations will see a lack of tourism and will be inclined towards putting together some exciting offers for the year. If you want a destination wedding, keep a watch on the offers. We will also see some local destinations pick up this year.

The good thing is that suppliers are being sensible and guests are using their common sense when it comes to mask wearing and social distancing. All of us know what is at stake now. If you cannot get the first choice of suppliers on the date you have booked, do not panic. There are many amazing suppliers who will still be available. You can ask for recommendations and they may be able to help and suggest someone amazing you might not have been able to find. Move quickly and do not leave the vendors hanging. Speak to the caterer or the photographer about the cost and refund policy in case of a cancellation or postponement.

Use your common sense and make decisions. Do not panic and try to take it easy. There are certain things nobody can control and if something does not work out the way you planned to, there will always be another way to do it.


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