Trojan Condoms Spread Awareness


In a world where everything depends on information your health depends on the information you gather. With the power of internet many people today go through the information they need on the web and therefore they believe what they read. Although, internet has always been looked forward as the ultimate guide that can help us to get better ideas but there are many people who still don’t have the luxury to make use of the internet and therefore they don’t have the information power on their side. This is why many people are still ignorant about using condoms and have sexual health problems.

There is no doubt that there are millions of people across the globe that suffer from HIV and AIDS that can lead to death but Trojan Condoms have now decided to take an initiative on their side to provide better information that can help thousands of people to know how they can make better use of condoms. America is already celebrating the National Condom Month and therefore Trojan Condoms have decided to come up with their own sexual awareness campaign called Get it on with Condom Sense that will help people to know more about condom and other sexual facts that can keep them healthy.

The condom manufacturer believes that there are many myths in America about condoms and therefore consumers do not make the right use of condoms they buy. This can lead to various health problems. The company has now merged with American Social Health Association (ASHA) so that they can take this campaign across United States and provide accurate information about how condoms are manufactured and how people can make the right use of condoms. This will also help people to break the myths that they have about condoms and about having sexual pleasure with their partners.


  1. I believe such campaigns are better and needed rather than going for stupid campaigns where people get nothing except those sweepstakes that don’t worth a dime.


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