Top 5 Car Gadgets You Should Have

Top 5 Car Gadgets You Should Have

Many of us love cars and we think about ours almost as it was a human being. We care for it; we maintain it and buy all kinds of accessories from a dealer or online platform like Newfrog automotive accessories to make the whole car experience even more unique. Gadgets are among those but which are the ones that can actually offer practical qualities in addition of just being cool? Which are the ones that can offer us additional safety?

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Keyless Ignition

Remote ignition is a wonderful invention and it is an invention that is particularly useful during cold winter days. With the help of these gadgets, with a simple push of a button we can start heating the car up beforehand, all while locking it up so the car thieves have to walk home empty handed. Let’s face it; keys are getting lost all the time. With this system all you’ll have carry is a key fob. You can put that in your wallet or any of your pockets and the sensor will detect it.

Back-up Parking Camera

Having problems with parallel parking? Thank the heavens for those back-up parking cameras. Nowadays more and more cars come equipped with that very handy accessory that allows us to park effortlessly. That is not the only tremendous advantage they can provide either. According to the Kids and Cars advocacy group, unfortunately as many as two kids get killed, and several others get injured each week just because the driver did not see them behind the car. Back-up parking cameras could help prevent the vast majority of those accidents.


Bluetooth is basically a wireless signal that makes it possible for you to link various devices through a connection that doesn’t require any cables. These days, you can actually sync your car with your phone. You could also, for example, set up your car’s speakers so all you have to do is to say the name of the person’swho you want to call and voila, the magic happens.

Navigation system

Navigation systems aren’t really new; they were already present in many cars more than a decade ago. Still, these days you can get very sophisticated systems that are capable of providing you with real-time information. This means that the system won’t just give you directions, it will actually warn you if the road conditions suddenly change or an accident happens somewhere close to you in the direction that you are going.


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