Forget Carpets! Transform Your Home with Natural Stone Floor Tiles


If you are thinking of having a floor space, room or your whole home re-floored, there are a wealth of options available in 2015. Carpet is a popular choice in the UK as our usual climate is a little on the tepid side and carpet provides warmth, acts as natural insulation and is comfortable underfoot. That said, carpet sponges up just about everything that comes into contact with it. Consequently, it stains, takes on smells, and collects hair and dust and even mite. It can also be marked by furniture, footwear and perish overtime. One study which was carried out as to the hygiene of the average British carpet and reported by The Huffington Post found ‘some carpets are embedded with horse manure, fox poo, urine, vomit and tar’.Hence, even if you have always previously had carpet throughout your home, you might want to take this as an opportunity to consider the alternatives.

One alternative to carpeting is to have hard flooring. There are a lot of hard flooring options widely available these days. As such, there is something for everybody out there and it is well worth exploring your options – such as laminate flooring, adhesive tiles and linoleum. Solid wood flooring is also an option and far hardier than any other type of flooring, with one exception. To explore the most popular flooring options, the HGTV website currently features a useful ‘Flooring Buying Guide’ you may want to take a look at. If you want to know what could possibly beat solid wood in the home interior flooring stakes though, read on.

The savviest hard flooring solution has been such for literally thousands of years. Before man was laying natural stone flooring, he was already benefitting from it. If ever there was a safe bet to be made, it is that natural stone flooring will out live us all. Fortunately, these days people needn’t live in a cave in order to benefit from a natural stone floor. Instead, simply visit the likes of R F Interiors where you can browse a host of natural stone floor tiles without even having to leave the house. The variety of natural stone floor options in terms of types of flooring is matched only by the amount of different types of stone used these days. Modern technologies and transportation has meant that people now have a wide selection to choose from and that those choices are within all homeowners budgets – even if it means saving a while.

Natural stone flooring tiles are fantastic because, to put it plainly, they are fantastic in every respect. That is, when it comes to durability, endurance, ease of cleaning, resistance, cleanliness and appearance – nothing beats rock. Having natural stone tiled floors can even add value to your home as modern homes are so infrequently made featuring natural stone. So, if you are currently remodelling or looking for a savvy flooring option that doesn’t fail to deliver a wow factor, natural stone floor tiles could be it.

For inspirations as to what can be done with natural stone floor tiles and different looks that can be achieved, Pinterest is full of images shared by millions of people looking for exactly that.

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