Quitting Smoking in Old Age


It is never too late to quit bad habits. Many people, in their old age, stop trying to quit smoking thinking that it is too late now to even try. Though in some cases they may be correct, but there have been enough evidences to prove that it can be done.

A number of old people wish to quit

A number of senior citizens who smoke are well aware of the fact that it is harmful for them. Most of these people have heard that smoking gives birth to some serious health implications such as cancer. They also know that once they manage to quit smoking, it would improve their health drastically. A life with smoking would mean much more money at hand, no more irritating and continuous coughing, a much fresher smelling breath, no wrinkles, and much higher energy levels. A life without smoking will also shorten the risk of a heart stroke, bronchitis, and asthma.

Challenges faced by the older people

Despite being well aware of the side effects of smoking, older people have hardly been successful at completely giving it up. There are many reasons due to which it is very complex for a senior citizen to quit smoking. Most of these people would have tried to quit at least once in their lives, but weren’t successful. Such people would be well aware of how hard it is to quit. This also leads of discouragement and pessimism about trying it again.

Apart from this, anyone who has been a smoker since long makes smoking almost a part of his everyday life which can’t be taken away all of a sudden. It may feel as if you are letting go of a part of you.

One of the other reasons which make quitting cigarettes so difficult is the addictive nicotine. Another major challenge faced by the smokers is that post a week of no smoking, they start witnessing some of the withdrawal symptoms.

A safer alternative

A much safer and easier alternative to quitting smoking is to switch to e-cigarettes. With almost 95% less harmful impact than the traditional cigarettes, the e cigarettes present an easy way out for all those who wish to quit. With no harmful tobacco and a wide range of e eliquid flavors to try, e cigarettes are the new rage. Order one from Cloud Cig today and see the magic for yourself.

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