Poster Competition by Americans for the Arts


The world we live in has changed and therefore students today think differently about their careers. Most students today believe that it is better to make their hobbies into their profession because that way they can really make things better and therefore many creative students look for creative jobs that can help them to progress in the future. If you are artistic in nature and if you have the talent in you then you should start looking for competitions and contests that can help you to compete with the best talents across the nation.


Recently, The Art Institutes and Americans for the Arts announce ninth annual Poster Design competition where they can test some of the best students against each other. The poster design competition will have some of the best students come together where they can showcase their skills and talent. The competition to challenge high school kids to design posters based on the themes that they have provided will really test how they can create their own artwork in different ways. The Art Institutes have decided that this time they will even let the high school seniors to participate in the event which would add some excitement to the event.

The theme of the competition is You Can Create Tomorrow and the poster design competition will be open till 3 February 2012. Both The Art Institutes and Americans for the Art are one of the leading nonprofit organizations and they will provide tuition scholarships to the winning candidate. John Mazzoni, President of The Art Institutes have said that they are inspired by the art work that students are sending them and they are hoping that they will see some more better artwork in the future. He also added that this could be the right platform for the students who want to make the best of the opportunity provided.



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