New Honda (UK) Lawn Tractor Range – Innovative and Tougher


Honda, UK is all set to expand its market for the lawn tractor line-up with a new range. One will come across unique and innovative Honda technologies with cutting edge performance. There are several improvements for higher robustness and more durability. There are seven models in the new line-up that start with HF2315SB to the top ranging HF2622HT, that are grouped as premium and mid-range. The HF2622 models are the first lawn tractors from Honda to get new commercial grade V-Twin engine. The GX660 is known to deliver a superior power and higher fuel efficiency. You will find lower noise levels as well as lower emissions as compared to its predecessor.

There is an innovative OptiFlow system now featuring in all the models that unites powerful suction with turbulence control thus resulting in lower noise, reduced power loss and clogging.  The holes in the top of the cutter deck increase the intake of air, thus increasing the acceleration. The cutter deck is able to move grass more efficiently because of the 2 fans fixed onto each blade, thus drawing in more air. There is no risk of clogging because of the conical ejection chute. Moreover the patented fluted grass bag results in higher air flow and capacity to completely fill the bag.

The components have longer life with tougher body. The bigger fuel tank means longer time for mowing between fills. Honda’s Versamow selective mulching system is another essential addition on the Lawn Tractor form Honda what makes mulching and collecting both easy and fast. Enjoy symmetric cutting because of the synchronized twin blades that maintain a 90 degree angle due to a timing belt. Demanding users are looking for comfort and usability factors and the range now meets these expectations successfully.


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