Men’s Wedding Rings Don’t Have To Be Plain


Traditional wedding rings were simple. They were plain metal bands that sat on the finger without adding any kind of personality or character. Today, people are looking at more intricate men’s wedding rings. Jewelry Vortex makes it easy to find rings with character by providing countless designs on their website and shipping them all over the world.

The wedding rings can be simple without being plain. A wedding band can vary in width to fit the size of the hand wearing it; the only vital aspect to keep in mind is the perimeter of the ring. It’s possible to find rings that feature engravings. From quotes to names, to Celtic and tribal knot work; almost anything can be included on the ring.

Some rings have different textures. Smooth and matte finish rings are available. Additionally, some of the engravings can lend to a different feel as well. Each ring can be very different from the next, ensuring that everyone can find a ring that works with them.

Diamonds are often included in men’s wedding rings today. This can be a simple stone placed on the center of the ring, multiple stones spanning the perimeter of the ring or a set of small diamonds in the shape of a square on the front of the ring. Any of these designs can lend to a unique design while adding a bit of luxury to the look of the ring.

Throughout the world, there are many places to purchase diamonds. Jewelry Vortex purchases all diamonds from conflict-free areas. This is an important thing to note as many jewelry stores don’t follow this.

The type of metal used in the wedding rings also makes things more interesting. Yellow gold, white gold, platinum; palladium, tungsten and titanium can all be used to create a wedding ring. This provides some different colors as well as color combinations. Two tone rings are being seen more and more frequently. Tungsten and titanium can also be black, offering another flavor to a wedding ring.

Carbon fiber inlays are more common today as well. These are colored strips, such as blue or red, which is embedded into the perimeter of the ring. This would allow a splash of color to an otherwise solid metal ring. For those men looking for color without using colored gemstones, the colored carbon fiber is a great way to achieve the colored look.

Some of the men’s wedding rings can also be coordinated with those of their partner. Matched sets are offered throughout Jewelry Vortex to ensure everyone finds what they are looking for. The matched sets can include the same metal and overall design or there can be a design that, when the two rings are placed side by side, completes the design.

Purchasing wedding rings can be simple without the ring being simple. Bands are very different in today’s world. And the solid band is not as common anymore. Now people are looking for something more expressive of their personality – and Jewelry Vortex has hundreds to choose from.


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