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When you first got your car, it probably felt like the most luxurious thing you’d ever owned. After about a year of use though, little instances of damage begin to add up, and leave the vehicle feeling uncomfortably weathered. If you sigh every time you look at your car, then it’s time to turn that around! Here are some great ways to make an old car feel new.

You can start off by cleaning everything out. I’m not just talking about chucking out the bottles and pizza boxes here. Do a thorough job on every last corner. Get some shampoo and go to work on the carpet and upholstery. Take out the seat cushions, clear out the crumbs, and reward yourself with all the spare change you’ll find. Take out the spare tyre and give the whole wall a thorough wipe. If you want to do a really thorough job, take out the front seats and run a vacuum underneath it. Your engine bay will probably be covered in grime, as will the chassis if you’re not afraid of getting in there. As you go along, make sure to remember any other problems you come across.

Your next step should be fixing up the cockpit. This is where you spend most of your time in the car, so think of this work as treating yourself! The wheel and dash should be the first order of business. Over time, many people’s steering wheels will develop pits and start to deteriorate. If this has happened to you, then a cheap wheel cover will make this a non-issue. Fire the old banger up and pay attention to the illumination on the dash. I have friends who can barely see their speedo, simply because the lights have been dimmed for so long! If you’re experiencing this, then open the fuse box and check the filaments. If the car is missing knobs and switches, you’ll be able to pick up replacements very cheaply.

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Finally, check out all the rubber on your car. Many people neglect to check on the condition of their tyres. Seen as you’re putting in all this work, you may want to fit your car with a fresh set of Jaguar car tyres. After that, we’re onto the more boring rubber bits. The seal of the doors is one of the most vulnerable parts of the car. Every time you close the door, you’re weakening the rubber. This can lead to tears in the seal, and that awful howling noise some cars get on motorways. The strips are inexpensive, but the actual application takes a bit of skill with a tube of glue. Replacing your windshield wipers is also an important thing when you’re working on the rubber. Having wipers which don’t do the job is not only irritating, but very dangerous!

After you’ve made it through this list, take it out for a spin. I’m sure you’ll notice everything feels refreshed and more comfortable to drive. Now you can relax and enjoy for another year or so!

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