How to Keep Your Upholstery Clean

Upholstery Clean

Keeping your house clean is in itself a challenging task, especially if you spend a lot of time at work, have kids and/or pets, and don’t have any professional help.
Yet, there are parts of your home that seem like an easy job, but can actually be quite tricky.

Such is the upholstered furniture which seemingly doesn’t need much care, but if you want to keep it in good shape for a long time, you need to invest some time and effort, otherwise, it will get stained, shabby and deformed in no time.

That’s why regular maintenance is important, and along with it, of course, a few other tips and tricks that can help your furniture look good and new for a long time. Here’s what experts at Deluxe Maid had to say about this.

Choose Wisely

Okay, maybe it’s too late for this one, but if you are about to buy new furniture or re-upholster the old one, it’s important to choose the right fabric.

The idea is to choose a material which is easy to clean and maintain. Synthetic fabrics are a good choice in this case. Fabrics which are too textured or have a lot of loose weaves are definitely to be avoided, especially if you have pets. So keep it simple and keep it clean.

Then again, there has to be something you can do even if you’ve already chosen a fabric which is not so easy to maintain.


It would be ideal if you could apply anti-spill protection to your upholstered furniture. This can be a great advantage and help a lot.

Again, if you still haven’t bought the furniture or fabric, the protective layer can be added beforehand in the factory.

But even if everything is already settled, you can use some mildew inhibitors or different types of fabric protectors.

This, however, cannot substitute for a prompt reaction in case something actually spills. The fabric protection should slow down the absorption, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean the mess immediately.

Simple Tricks

If you keep sitting in one spot it’s inevitably going to fade, get shabby and deformed. So even though it’s difficult to stay away for your favorite spot (or to keep your pets from lying in the same place, for that matter), it could help keep your sofa in good condition for a longer time.

What’s more, if you have cushions, try turning them around every now and then. In that way, both sides will be used equally which will prevent one of them from getting completely faded and shabby.

One more thing you should keep in mind is that sunshine is not a friend to your furniture, so try to keep it out of its reach, or simply try using covers. This will also make things easier with spills, as you can just wash the covers and solve the problem.

Regular Cleaning

Last but not the least, any good maid service will tell you to make sure you vacuum your upholstered furniture regularly. This will prevent piling up the dirt and dust and make general cleaning easier and less demanding. It will also keep your house healthier, as not all dirt is visible, which doesn’t mean it should be cleaned. It can save you from allergies and breathing problems.

Of course, besides regular maintenance, “on demand” cleaning is a must, as already mentioned. So by no means leave a spill to dry, clean everything immediately otherwise your furniture won’t last too long. Even though it’s not impossible to get rid of dried stains, the cleaning process itself could damage the fabric, so the immediate reaction is the safest and the most painless option in case of unexpected, and certainly unwanted spills.


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