Home Decoration: How to Style your Room with Alternative Layouts

Home Decoration

Whether you’re fed up of the TV taking centre stage, or you simply want to focus more on your family and less on what’s going on in the latest re-run of Eastenders, creating a living room that doesn’t centre on the TV is a vital yet challenging step that many homeowners are now trying to achieve.

Home Decoration Ideas

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Too many people focus their living room around the TV and it gives off a certain atmosphere. Including some of the furniture mentioned below is a great way to diversity your room.

The most important thing that you need to implement is the rearrangement of your existing furniture so that instead of all facing in the same direction, it’s all facing inward. Although this sounds like it would be straightforward, two hurdles stand in your way. The first is your own psychology, in that we’re so used to having our sofas and armchairs all facing in the same direction so it’ll be hard to break the habit. The other issue is that furniture usually comes in threes (a three piece suite, for example), and your living room most likely has four walls.

Once you’ve turned your furniture so that it’s all facing inward, you need to now choose whatever forms of entertainment are going to replace your TV. The important thing here is that you find something for everyone. This could mean that on your coffee table, you always keep the latest issue of the graphic novel your son is reading, and if you have little ones, you keep plenty of toys and around the room.

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On a final aside, if you enjoy sitting round the TV and watching something as a family, this style of inward-facing living room doesn’t necessitate throwing out your TV altogether. You could always hide or camouflage it, just so that it doesn’t take centre stage. The trick to this is finding an entertainment centre that blends well aesthetically with its surroundings, so if you have a mostly wooden theme, a wooden entertainment center like the ones available from Trade Furniture Company would be perfect.


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