Good Oral Hygiene On The Road


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Eat Healthy Snacks

Long journeys can become pretty boring, especially if you have kids in the vehicle who ask every ten minutes, “Are we there yet?”  When we set out on long trips, we normally pack a few nibbles along with us for sustenance on the journey, and quite often we succumb to temptation and pack all the wrong items, which are not going to help either our teeth or make the journey a good one. Too much sugar will have the kids climbing the insides of the car, so packing something healthy like some baby carrots or some apples is a much smarter idea. Packing some bottles of water will keep everyone perfectly hydrated and is much better than carbonated drinks, or sugary fruit juices.

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Advance Check Up

Most of us have a fairly good relationship with our local dentist, who we have often been visiting for many years and who knows our dental history. Before travelling a long way from home, it is a good idea to arrange an appointment for a check-up a few weeks prior to departing. This way you can identify and deal with any potential problems before they happen. You will have peace of mind that any likely issues have been dealt with, avoiding the problem of trying to find a good dentist in an emergency in a strange place, even more of a problem if you are overseas, where a language problem might make the problem worse.

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Make the Most of Pit Stops

Pretty much every journey has a stop point, either for fuel or to deal with those calls of nature, each of which gives you an opportunity to give your teeth a quick brush and rinse. Make sure to bring your travel toothbrush and some disposable floss sticks. Every effort that you make along the way is going to be beneficial and for convenience, mini travel toothbrushes with toothpaste built in can be purchased from good stores or many a dentist from Sydney.

Final Destination

When you reach wherever it is that you are going, be it a relative or friends house, or a hotel or resort, remember to spend a little bit extra time paying attention to your oral hygiene, which can be difficult if the journey has been long and you are feeling tired. If you have kids, who will probably also be feeling pretty bushed, make sure that they too give an especially good clean and floss too before they sleep.

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Other Options

Research has proven that chewing sugarless gum is good for oral hygiene and preventing cavities. This is because chewing for 20 minutes or more after eating helps to produce more saliva, which assists in washing away potentially problem-causing bacteria. It is also beneficial if you are flying, as the action of chewing can help to relieve pressure that might build in the ears, as a plane gains and loses height. Local water in some places might not be totally clean, so whenever you are in doubt, always use bottled water, and when you get back home, even if you were a bit lax while away, get back into your regular oral hygiene routine as quickly as possible.


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