Tech Of The Future That Will Make Your Car A Wonder


If you love driving and cars, you must also adore technology. The two go hand in hand. Where there is one, there is almost always the other. The latest cars run using a CPU or controlled processing unit. This means that everything that your car does from steering to air con works with the engine. It’s incredible how far we’ve come with car tech, and there’re more advances still to come. Here is some of the coolest tech that will be arriving in cars on the market this year and ten years into the future. With this new tech, the roads will be changed forever.

Gesture Control

Gesture control is separate from all of the other tech on this list for one important reason. It’s already on the market. You can get it right now in cars such as the new BMW. It’s an incredible idea whereby waving your hands you can control different parts of the car. For instance, pulling your finger in a downward motion will lower the radio volume. It may seem redundant when you can get that control on the steering wheel. There’s no doubt that doing this will feel magic while driving. It may also lead to fewer accidents with the driving experience being almost completely hands-free. Unfortunately, right now this tech is like nineties voice control. It did exist, but there were certainly flaws in the software. If you did use it, you had to try a few commands before you made any progress at all.

Speaking of voice control, you can get this in your new car as well. This isn’t a new feature, but the learning aspect of it is. The voice control available in the latest car models learns your voice. It responds to the way you speak, and it may even offer you options before you ask for them. Or, change the car based on your personal preferences.

Safer Machines

There are two ways cars will be safer in the future. The first is with new, conceptual tyre designs. If you get a tyre puncture, these designs will enable you to keep driving with the damage. That’s thanks to two air pockets within the tyre. If one is punctured, the other will inflate, resulting in no issue with driving or handling at all. You might not even notice that the tyre has been damaged at all. Other possible designs may mean that the tyre seals itself after a puncture. Again, this is going to make the roads a far safer place and you can buy some of these car tyres online right now.

The other feature to look out for in the future is AI handling. Several cars coming to the market next year will be equipped with cameras and sensors on the front, back, and side of the vehicle. This will allow the CPU to determine the safety of your driving. For instance, if it thinks you are too close to another car, it will break for you. It will make your driving a far more hands-off experience, but it’s nothing compared to what’s in the pipeline.

Self-Driving Cars

Self-Driving CarsPicture From Flickr

Starting next year, there will be one hundred thousand cars on UK roads that, to an extent, will be driving themselves. This, of course, isn’t the only place this is happening. In Silicone Valley California, these cars have been tested for years with varied results. Google started the trend and have appeared in the media for all the wrong reasons. Mainly because the supposed safe cars were spotted crashing. These vehicles are a little different, though. The cars on the market next year use the same sensors we’ve discussed. But, rather than being completely self-driving, they work at lower speeds. The cars should be able to navigate through traffic at speeds up to 40MPH. That might not seem impressive, but remember, it’s a car that is completely out of your control. You won’t be able to turn unless you turn off the automated driving experience. Will this make cars safer? Time will tell, but they are certainly more impressive.

Pedestrian Detection

driving-562613-_640Image by Pixabay

Finally, you can get pedestrian detection. That’s sure to keep a few of the stars out of the jail and the courtrooms. The car will alert you when a pedestrian is about to cross the road. Or, is near the vicinity of where you are driving. This is incredibly valuable, particularly, when children start out between parked cars. Joined with evasive AI maneuvering in a few years driving will be a radically different experience. We can’t wait to buy the cars with this new tech ourselves and experience it all first hand.


Feature Image by Pixabay


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