How To Finance A Brand New Aston Martin


The car of a certain famous cinema spy, the Aston Martin is a classic brand. To this day, it speaks quality. Just looking at it makes you want to rub your hands all over the bodywork. It’s a piece of art on wheels. Something about it is just plain gorgeous. So how can you get one? Through finance of course. That is unless you’re quite personally wealthy. To make it an easier experience, we’ve put together a little help guide for getting that new Aston Martin bought.

Know Your Model

Before you even start thinking of finance, you have to think about the car. What model do you want? The Aston Martin DB9 is a popular choice. Is it what you want though? Think about your needs. If you’re a high flying business person are you looking to impress with your Aston Martin? Then get one of the more outwardly flashy ones. Do you have a family and will you be using this as a family car? Then try getting an Aston Martin with lots of space and a fairly large trunk of the car to use. In-built satellite navigation too.

Know Your Budget

Can you afford to make monthly payments? You won’t know the exact amount just yet. It’s important to know at least you can afford some payment to come out of your monthly surplus. If things are looking tight as they are, you might have to think twice. Some budgets are just too strained to afford a purchase like this. Make sure you still have a sizeable amount of money left at the end of the month before you make any purchases.

Research Your Finance

You can visit for a more detailed look at what they are offering. Do this for any other finance companies you are looking into. You need to know the full details of any finance agreement you enter into. Likewise, you need to be fully aware of the duration and amount of payment per month. If you can afford it, try and pay it off sooner. Debt is a liability, and removing that liability is the best thing for you. If you can’t afford a large monthly payment, find a finance agreement that means you pay less but over a greater length of time.

Read The Paperwork

It is important always to read the paperwork on large purchases. In the case of financing for an Aston Martin, make sure you know what you are getting into. Check the paperwork for any clauses that may allow for rises in monthly payment outside of inflation. You don’t want any sudden jumps in interest rates. If you don’t fully understand some of the details in the paperwork, consult a legal professional to help you parse the contract. Some documents can be intentionally written to obfuscate the details.

Sign & Drive

Once happy with the contract agreement, you can buy your Aston Martin. This is the best part of this guide. Just hand over the money and you’ll be given the keys and paperwork.

Image credit: Wikimedia


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