Celebrities Prove That Plastic Surgery Is More of a Necessity Than Fantasy


Barry Manilow – Barry Alan Pincus, an American singer and songwriter, was born on 17th June, 1943. He has been known as Barr Manilow since he became prominent for his multiple hit recordings such as Copacabana (at the Copa), “Mandy”, and “Can’t Smile Without You”. In 1978, he got to the culmination of his success with the five greatest albums which some of the best sellers. It was, in fact, a success that could be equaled with only a few prolific singers and songwriters namely Herb Alpert, Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen, The Beatles, Johnny Mathis and Michael Jackson.

Did Manilow undergo any surgery?

The rumor whether or not he underwent any surgery can be marked with two significant ways. There is no denying the fact that he took surgeries because of his physical ailment which he did not really love to endure. On 7th December, 1986, Barry took an emergency oral surgery with a view to removing a non-cancerous cyst embedded underneath his upper jaw. This time, he stayed at the Hospital of the Good Samaritan, LA Los for three days. The surgeon who treated Manilow’s friend Elizabeth Taylor was the doctor who performed the operation on his upper jaw. After around ten years, Manilow had undergone a photorefractive keratectomy, an ocular surgery, on one of his eyes. On 26th June, 2000, People Weekly reported that Barry took an eye surgery that was performed by a doctor from Los Angeles named Robert K. Maloney. However, the surgery was incorrectly stated as LASIK. Compare his before and after photos.

Awards and achievements:

Barry Manilow with his grand singer-like spectacle managed to bag several awards and recognitions which only supported his position on the list of top US singer-songwriters. Throughout his long career, he earned Emmy awards, Grammy Awards, American Music Awards, etc. He also joined the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame in 2002.

Duchess of Alba:

The third lady to hold the title “Duchess of Alba” quite righteously, María del Rosario Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart y de Silva is the 18th Duchess of Alba de Tormes. Born on 28th March, 1926, she was a true Grandee of Spain and the head of the House of Alba. She was born at Liria Palace as the only child to the 17th Duke of Alba who was a famous Spanish diplomat and politician during the 1930s and 1940s. Her mother was María del Rosario de Silva y Gurtubay who was the 9th Marchioness of San Vicente del Barco. Duchess of Alba had her godmother named Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg, the Queen Consort of Spain and the wife of the King of Spain named Alfonso XIII de Borbón.

2264443318-9893b4b3b5-oImage Credit: Flickr

Did the famous Grandee of Spain have any surgery?

Having the blood from the royal ancestry flowing through her veins, she used to wear beauty and elegance in all her outfits. Why would she ignore her once beautiful and splendid glamour? Even though you just happen to be a casual observer, you will have no trouble spotting the tell-tale signs of the fat injections she took on her face. You may also notice the signs of botox and multiple rhinoplasties. Although none had confirmed the facts, her pictures obviated the possibility of some likely procedures, such as face lift, brow lift, rhinoplasties, silicone lip injections or collagen, botox and fat injections.

Departure of the Duchess of Alba Her Excellency:

Spain’s richest woman, the Duchess of Alba who was known for her frizzy hair and eccentric personality died on 20th November, 2014 in Seville. She was 88 years old then.

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