Bukowskis Contemporary Highlights Women Artists in 2012


Many people believe that staying connected to the art is very important because it enhances the creativity and allows you to see the other side of life. Hence, you will find millions of people, who love to see, buy and even invest in art. Today there are many galleries around the world where you can walk in to find some of the best art work done by local artists and even international artists, but if you are interested in art work that has received global attention then you should look out for Bukowskis Contemporary on 23 May 2012. This auction event always brings in some of the best artists from Sweden and around the world.

It is usually believed and probably it may be true that male artists are always given more preferences and acceptance compared to female artists that have the same kind of artistic talents. Hence, this time you will find many women artists in Bukowski auction. Many art lovers around the world believe that women artists have the same amount of talent and creativity but they do not get the international recognition that they deserve. However, things have changed today and many people are interested in buying art created by women artists.

The Bukowskis Contemporary will be having many top women artists from Sweden and from the world. The auction will have Maria Friberg, Mamma Andersson, Linn Fernstrom, Yayoi Kusuma, Diane Arbus and Cecilia Edefalk. Bukowski CEO believes that in the last few years the demand for women artists have gone up and therefore they would like to focus on that this year. Maria Friberg got the international recognition when her film No Time to Fall was shown at the TEAM Gallery in New York in 2001 and soon after that her Still Lives created a lot of sensation at the 2004 Armory Show.

On the other hand, Mamma Andersson has become the most expensive women artists in the current times along with Cecilia Edefalk’s Baby painting that was sold at the Bukowskis auction in 2010.



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