Better Accommodations with Riu Hotels and Resorts


Holidays are really important not only for you but also for your loved ones and therefore you must make sure that you spend some time from your work and go for a nice holiday trip where you can have great time with the family. Most of the American people think about going to Caribbean where there can enjoy the sun and the beaches and have great time with their family members. If you are interested in international trips that can provide you with better holiday experience then you need to look out for better accommodation options. If you are concerned about your accommodation you can go for Apple Vacations Riu Hotels and Resorts.

Riu Hotels and Resorts are already available in Caribbean, Costa Rica and Mexico and this year Riu Hotels and Resorts expands in Mexico, Caribbean and Costa Rica to provide better holiday experience to local and international customers. In the year 2011, 10 Riu Hotels and Resorts managed to bag the Golden Apple Awards that have been awarded by Apple Vacations based on the customer votes and feedbacks. The hotels and resorts provide exceptional service to the customers and therefore these hotels and resorts have gained international recognition.

The hotels and resorts have now upgraded their services and amenities and therefore you can be sure that you will have good time when you are here with your friends and family members. The hotels have impressive swimming pools and bathing area that includes improved Jacuzzis and hydro-massage tubs. You can also go for better options for dining because there are many cuisines that are now available in these hotels. Hence, you can make sure that you provide quality holiday experience to your family members. Apple Vacations have also arrange vacation flights exclusively for Apple Vacation customers from Jamaica and Punta Cana to various American cities like Chicago, Boston, Cleveland, Dallas, Cincinnati, Fort Worth, Saint Louis and Baltimore.1



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